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That got your attention, didn’t it?
I don’t mean in THAT way, or actually, I guess it COULD be!

How lucky are you?

gambling luck rouletteDo you consider yourself lucky? Do good things seem to come your way?

Or do you feel as if you always have a gray rain cloud over you and you are never dealt a “good hand”?

A rabbit’s foot, a lucky charm, or determination?

I personally don’t believe in luck as some ‘magic’ force out there, waiting to ‘give’ itself to those who are ‘lucky’.

I believe we make our own luck. By changing your attitudes, behaviors and actions you can change your luck. If you see obstacles as opportunities rather than difficulties then you can turn them to your advantage.

Now, I am not talking about wishing for something. I mean, if you want to win the lottery, you’ve at least gotta buy the ticket! But that is not really the kind of luck I am talking about here. To make a change in your life for the better, you have to put forth some effort.

Luck comes down to your attitude and the actions you choose on a regular basis

We all know someone who seems to be lucky. Serendipity seems to be their best friend. Definition of serenditpityan aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

True ‘lucky’ people create their own serendipity. They don’t sit around and wait for luck to find them, they make things happen. Experts agree that with a few simple steps, you can significantly increase the chances of meeting your soul mate, finding the right business partner, or steering your life in a new direction. That might sound unlikely or even naive, but there’s real science to prove that while you can’t control the randomness of life, you can definitely create your own luck.

So, how can you ‘Get Lucky”?

  1. Believe that YOU can be a winner. You CAN be successful. If you can’t believe in yourself, then who will?
  2. Learn to listen to yourself. You have to be comfortable in your own skin and trust what you are feeling and thinking. Develop your intuition.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Put yourself out there. Go to different places than you would normally go. Expand your horizons.
  4. Keep your eyes and mind wide open. Learn to ‘see’ with your heart.
  5. Work on other areas of your life. Want to be successful? Learn to do the things successful people do. Create the habits of successful people. Don’t know where to begin? Darren Hardy is a great place!
  6.  Expect to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. No one succeeds in everything they do. Thomas Edison had 1000’s of failures before his light bulb actually worked. What if he’d given up after the 10th or even 100th attempt? Figure out what did work and what didn’t, make adjustments, and then move forward!

My daughter’s story

my daughters eyesI have a personal story to relate this. My youngest daughter is 17. She has had 4 jobs so far, each one she quit because she found something better by putting herself out there. She is starting online classes next week for fashion design. She wants to work in film and/or modeling as a fashion stylist.  So far, she has had 1 or 2 parts as an extra in TV/movies.

Last week, she spent the day with her boyfriend at a fitting for an upcoming feature role he has, she learned a lot from the wardrobe person, asking a lot of questions and watching everything going on around her. She actually ended up with a part that day as well, but her goal is to “get in the door” and learn the fashion and costuming side of the business. Her boyfriend worked his way up from being an extra to being a feature, just by talking to people. Not being afraid to start conversations and express his ideas. And she will be capable of doing the same thing, and learning and making connections.

Let me just tell you, we do not live in New York or in California, so we are not near major hubs for this sort of work. We live in a country town 60 miles outside of Atlanta, so she will have to ‘find’ these opportunities. The days of filling out an application and hoping someone calls is over.

Waiting for your ship to come in?

my ship to come inIf you want something in your life, I encourage you to start looking at steps you can take to make it happen. Learn everything you can about the subject. Research opportunities that might be close to you that you can take advantage of. You can’t sit at home on your hands waiting for your ship to come in! You need to be researching online, out talking to people, and then show up at the harbor asking questions!

What actions are you taking to create your own luck?

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Never, never, never stop learning. Education did not end when you finished school. To continue to grow, you must continue to learn. If you stop learning, you stop growing and as a matter of fact, your mind will start to atrophy, just as an unused muscle would.

Pick a subject that you want to learn about and study it, such as:

– Nineteenth century history

– Knitting

– Woodworking

– Genealogy


– Starting your own business

Today, education doesn’t have to just come from a college and getting a degree. As a matter of fact, everyone and their brother has a degree now, so you need to do something different. But this education is more about expanding YOU and your knowledge base about things YOU love. 

Between the Internet, the library, your local community college or technical school, and countless other resources, you can learn about ANY subject, AND meet others who are interested in the same things at the same time!

I think there used to be a public service announcement on PBS that said “The more you know, the more you grow” How true! I even found something written by one of the smartest and wisest men ever, Dr Seuss-

Share 3 subjects with us that you would like to learn about!

My goal is to help as many women as possible with these issues we all deal with! Be sure to subscribe via email or RSS so you don’t miss any posts! If you know of someone who would benefit from the info in this post and in my blog, please click here to share!

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