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There are always areas of our lives that we want to work on or improve. We all don’t necessarily have the same things to work on, but we all something we want to improve. And we usually complain about those areas in our lives quite a bit, but don’t end up doing much about it anyway.

As I am preparing for some major changes to my blog in near future, I came across some great 31 day programs! There are 8 different areas of focus, I encourage you to take a peak at each and see which ones reach deep in your heart and go for those! Do NOT try to read and implement these 8 blogs over the next 31 days! You cannot effectively change that much at one time. Good news is, they will be archived, and once you work through one or two areas, you can come back to a different one to work on next!

I appreciate the time and effort these talented women are putting into these projects!


Emily is the hostess for 31 days of Grace :: Chatting at the Sky

Kendra is hostess for 31 Days to an Inspired Table :: My First Kitchen

The ‘Nester’ is hostess for 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest :: Nesting Place

Emily is hostess for 31 Days of Living Simply :: Remodeling This Life

Melissa is the hostess for 31 Days of Autumn Bliss :: The Inspired Room

Jennifer is the hostess for 31 Days to More. . .With Less :: Beauty and Bedlam

Darcy is the hostess for the 31 Days to a Better Photo :: My 3 Boybarians

Sandy is the hostess for the 31 Days to Stress Free Entertaining :: Reluctant Entertainer

Once you decide which programs you are going to follow this month, leave me a comment here so I know who I will see and where!

I have written quite a bit about several of these subjects as well. Feel free to check out my archives to read more about my journey!


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I am taking part in a blog party called Frugal Friday and our host is Shabby Nest
My tip is not necessarily frugal, but it is a good solution for not a lot of dollars! My 17 year old has a TON of earrings, that’s an exageration of course, (NO IT’S NOT!) And a lot of them are dangly chandelier type earrings, so needless to say, most regular earring storage didn’t work.
So I had something in mind and took off to Office Depot (could proabaly find elsewhere too. In the desk supplies they had a metel mesh desk letter tray, came in sliver or black. Bought the silver one, here’s a picture of the black one:

Now, you have to picture it: stand on its long edge with the raised side on the bottom. All the little holes are fantastic for hanging her earrings! She really does have probably 60-70 pairs stored there!

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